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ireland visa system

This list is intended as a guideline only and does not limit the discretion of the visa officer in dealing with individual applications.

General Information on Irish Visas
Although a visa is a form of pre-entry clearance, it does not guarantee entry to the State. Immigration officers at point of entry are entitled to deny access and to question students regarding their bona fides.

Accordingly, it would be in everyone's interest if school could make arrangements to be represented at points of entry, particularly where they believe the student's standard of English may be poor. It would also be sensible for either the school or the student to have on hand copies of any supporting documentation, which have been lodged in support of the Visa application.

Processing Time
All applications falling under the category of student visa must be referred for decision to the Department of Justice, equality and Law Reform in Dublin. This Process normally takes a Minimum of 8 weeks.

Where and How To Apply
All student visa applications must be made through the embassy of Ireland, New Delhi. It is not necessary to present your applications in person and may apply by post or through an agent.

A proportion of student visa applicants may be called for interview at the Embassy after the application has been submitted. Should you be called for interview, you will be notified in advance and asked to arrange a suitable date and time.

Visa Fees
The visa fee for student visas is Rs.1400. Payment should be made in the form of a demand draft made payable to the Embassy of Ireland, New Delhi. The fee is non-refundable.

Right To Appeal
Any decisions to refuse a visa can be appealed by writing to :

  • Visa appeals Officer
  • Immigration Division
  • Department of Justice, Equality & Law Reform
  • Dublin 2

Only written appeals will be dealt with. The visa reference number, decision number and nationality will facilitate processing.

Obviously the success of an appeal will be enhanced if the applicant is in a position to forward additional supporting documentation in favour of the application or to submit a document previously omitted.